Airline food isn't exactly known to be a gourmet option most people find themselves getting jealous about, but Japanese Twitter user Imagawa (@i_magawa) recently shared a photo of her child's kid's meal on a flight that has adults wishing they could turn back the clock.

Imagawa, a Japanese designer resides in Germany, was recently flying back from Japan on a Japan Airlines (JAL) flight with her children. She recently shared a photo of her children's inflight kids' meal that had her and many others on Twitter jealous of the meal's creativity and quality. Many also regarded the meal as an example of "kami-taiou", a phrase meaning "godly customer service" that is used in Japan when customer service truly goes the extra mile.

Here's the adorable meal that has adults wanting to be kids again:

Source: @i_magawa

"JAL's inflight kid's meal is so divine, it's something parents would want to eat. Their service was so godly it feels like my heart was cleansed. I would have been just fine with lesser quality."

The JAL staff arranged a kid's meal similar to a character bento, with what appears to be a giraffe-shaped omelet rice, airplane-shaped carrots, and a dog-shaped pudding.

Imagawa added that she was even more impressed by the staff being very attentive to her children during the flight, and when she had been feeling down about airport quarantine and other travel frustrations, they picked her spirits up by greeting her on the plane with a hearty "welcome home."

Many in the comments shared their own similar experiences, while others were touched by the staff's hospitality saying "that's JAL for you", "the best kind of hospitality", and "parents would prefer to eat this!"

By - grape Japan editorial staff.