As necessary as it is, dog owners know very well that it can be an ordeal cutting the nails of their canine companions. While some dogs won't bat an eye at having their nails trimmed, others can be very uncooperative to the point of staging a doggo rebellion.

Japanese Twitter user @mameshiba_chaco and their beloved miniature mame shiba inu Chaco-chan find themselves in the latter situation more often than not.

Fortunately, @mameshiba_chaco recently discovered that a pet hammock they bought for Chaco-chan actually turned into a pet owner's lifehack for trimming the nails of their unwilling pup. However, as you can see, Chaco-chan's expression during the whole process is priceless.

While Chaco-chan doesn't look entirely enthused during the trim, @mameshiba_chaco says they made sure to be things would be OK for the her by simulating the process with a towel and holding her during the process. For a first time, Chaco-chan put up with things quite admirably, and was of course rewarded with a doggy treat at the end.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.