When humans compete in professional fighting or wrestling, they use a variety of dynamic and interesting techniques.

But how about cats?

A stunning image taken by photographer 沖昌之 Masayuki Oki (@okirakuoki), who mainly takes pictures of cats, looks like it reveals evidence of "cat wrestling" in Japan!

Two felines are engaged in a furious battle, and one of them executes what looks like a piledriver, surely in an attempt to finish off its opponent.

Have you ever seen such advanced fighting skills among cats?

Reproduced with permission from 沖昌之 Masayuki Oki (@okirakuoki)

As it turns out, the cats were just having fun. Since the cat curved its neck while its opponent was executing the move, it was able to roll away.

If you'd like to see more amazing photos of cats, check out Oki's Instagram account.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.