Felissimo is your go-to brand of all things cat. Whether you want a realistic cat-shaped heater, a hand towel that resembles the long body of cat Nobirutan, or you want a cat-scented spray for your pillows, Felissimo has got you covered.

In their most recent development they’ve gone into collaboration with manga artist Rinrin Yamano, to produce a line up of t-shirts that screams ‘I’m cat crazy!’

If you want to share your love of cats with the world, this is the way to do it. Available in 3 different colours and designs, the t-shirts feature a design of tightly packed illustrated cats.
With baggy sleeves and a loose neck and fit, the t-shirts are designed to be worn comfortably by any gender.

Design: Calico, Rust and Siamese on a base of light grey.

Design: Monochrome cats on a base of heather grey.

Design: Tabby cats on a base of oatmeal.

The t-shirts are available to purchase online for 4,300 yen (plus tax). 129 yen of each sale will be put towards the Nekobu cat fund, which is run by Felissimo and helps to protect abandoned cats and dogs throughout Japan.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.