Night Tempo, a Korean music producer and DJ, and one artist behind today’s Japanese City Pop trend making its way around the world, published a book introducing a complete list of the 100 greatest city pop songs by 100 artists he carefully selected “Japanese City Pop 100, selected by Night Tempo” from 303BOOKS.

“This book is your friend who’d introduce you to City Pop” (Night Tempo)

This list of City Pop music assembled by Night Tempo wasn’t made with the idea of “just pop idol music”. So, for the modern City Pop generation, some of the music on this list may feel like “Is this City Pop?”. Well, that is exactly what the book would like to offer you; a new way to experience the City Pop genre. We want you to feel the energy of each song. A music writer Takashi Ikegami wrote the interpretation of the music for this book, and you can also learn Night Tempo’s thoughts and feelings on the artists and music from the comment section. In addition, the book also introduces Night Tempo’s personal collection stored in his own home in Seoul, Korea, as well as an intriguing discussion about City Pop with Davy Law from Neon City Record in Hong Kong.

Spotify also released an official playlist on the same day, February 1st, consisting of the songs from the book as well as the ones Night Tempo picked specially for this playlist.

By - Mugi.