Earlier this year, instant noodle maker Nissin announced a simple packaging change to their flagship Cup Noodle ramen. In an effort to cut down on excessive plastic waste, the company replaced the plastic seal they've used up until now with foldable paper lids that can be folded down while your ramen cooks.

They've been quite popular for another reason, however, and that's because Nissin has taken advantage of the fact that the foldable flaps make the lid look as if they have ears. This means that when Cup Noodle lovers open up their instant ramen, they are greeted with the face of a hungry and drooling cat, or in very rare cases, a somewhat jealous-looking Tibetan sand fox!

Now the eco-friendly and adorable Cup Noodle cups are being praised for another reason. Via their official Twitter account, Nissin has decided to show how the cute critter cup can be used to complete summer vacation craft-work projects often assigned to young Japanese schoolchildren. Simply turn the new Cup Noodle into a dancing cat!

Nissin shared the video saying "we tried playing around with the cat on the back of the lid. Feel free to use this for your summer vacation arts and crafts homework." For a student slacking on their summer homework in a pinch, a jittering cat and Tibetan sand fox might just be the ticket!

Of course, Nissin provided follow up instructions on how to put together the simple but fun and cute project:

1. Cut two slits in the edge of the cup.

2. Attach a rubber band to a dry cell battery and fasten with tape.

3. Put the rubber band over the notches in the cup and tape it shut.

4. Fold the cat (or fox) on the back of the lid in half and tape it to the bottom of the cup.

Many have responded to the Tweet expressing gratitude for the idea, especially parents looking to help out their kids with a project. Whether you've got some summer homework to finish up or are just looking for a simple and fun arts and crafts project, the animal faces lurking under a lid of the new Cup Noodle packaging looks like a good place to start that comes with the added bonus of some instant ramen.

By - Big Neko.