Japanese clay model maker Nendoyorishin (Twitter, YouTube) has a true talent for crafting super realistic Pokémon figures that look like they've been teleported right out of the game and into the real world. Aside from making them with outstanding quality, Nendoyorishin creatively designs them as functioning appliances that reflect the respective Pokémon's abilities.

In the past the model maker has crafted awesome Turtwigs that double as a planter and a Shellder that can work as a humidifier or party light.

Pichu phone charger

Shellder humidifier/party light

Turtwig planter

Nendoyorishin's latest Pokémon creation may be their most creative, and their most fitting, however. The model maker recently shared photos of their take on Ice/Ghost Pokémon Froslass. As Froslass's torso and arms resemble a kimono and appears to be wearing an obi sash, Nendoyorishin decided to design and craft Froslass as a traditional Japanese doll--the type often put on display within a household as a wish for health and success.

Nendoyorishin added another quite clever traditional aspect to the doll when making the ice crystal horns on the Pokémon's head. Instead of simply adding colored clay, the artist crafted the ice crystals out of kohakuto, a traditional Japanese confectionery made from Agar Agar and often translated as amber sugar, and nicknamed crystal candy.

That means part of the head of Frosslass is edible, with the ice crystals represented by beautifully colored kohakuto! The candies are typically chewy inside and have a crunchy outer layer.

In a making of video, Nendoyorishin explains that the kohakuto were made by icing cookie artist husband and wife duo WHIP SUGAR (@YuicihiroG)--who have made their own delicious Pokémon creations in the past--and the rest of the model was made with just clay and a bottle of "Kodomo no biru" (a children's non-alcoholic "beer" in Japan)!

You can follow Nendoyorishin on Twitter and YouTube for more awesome and functional Pokémon artwork.

By - Big Neko.