In some places such as North America, April's full moon is known as the "Pink Moon" due to the emergence of a seasonal flower called creeping phlox. The glowing full moon is a gorgeous sight wherever you take it in, however, and photographer 7 (@_szuna) recently showed why viewing the Pink Moon in Japan is considered such a big deal.

7, who travels the country snapping beautiful shots that bring Studio Ghibli films to life and highlighting Asakusa as a winter wonderland, observed the Pink Moon when it recently made an appearance on April 17th.

Even on a cloudy evening, 7 was able to take this magical shot of the Pink Moon shining through a sea of cherry blossoms:

Source: @_szuna

"The Pink Moon engulfed by sakura is so beautiful."

As the Pink Moon comes out in April, which coincides with the full bloom of cherry blossoms in some regions of Japan, 7 was able to snap a shot that really helps the Pink Moon live up to its name. Many replied in wonder at the shot, with comments like "I'm glad I was born in Japan" and "I can't believe this type of scenery exists in Tokyo."

It definitely makes you want to organize your next hanami (flower viewing) party around a full moon.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.