A photo posted on Twitter by the Kochi Prefectural Noichi Zoological Park in Konan City, Kochi Prefecture shows a spotted hyena in a totally relatable moment.

The zookeeper took this candid shot of Ena, the hyena, after they returned to their enclosure and finished their meal. It looks like Ena had a really really long day. In fact, some may even see a resemblance to an overworked Japanese salaryman.

Reproduced with permission from 高知県立のいち動物公園 (@noichizoo_staf)

According to Kochi Prefectural Noichi Zoological Park, Ena always relaxes like this, leaning against the wall at the end of the day. Ena's probably working hard every day to entertain the park's visitors, but with this pose and body language, it's no wonder some people thought it was a fursuit with a human inside.

The funny image elicited many comments, such as:

  • "A staff member on break?"
  • "LOL! I guess hyenas get tired while on duty too. Thank you for your work, sir!"
  • "You look just like me when I've had a really long work shift lol"
  • "I look this when I'm watching TV. It might as well have been a picture of me on the weekend! lol"
  • "...This one must have a human inside!"

Let's hope Ena got some hard-earned rest!

If you want to visit Ena the Hyena for yourself, check out the official website of the Kochi Prefectural Noichi Zoological Park for operating hours, access information and more.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.