Japanese Twitter user 田口ナツミ Natsumi Taguchi (@NatsuTagu) took a photo recently when she was out with her 3-year-old and 1-year-old son.

Her eldest son started arranging stones on the concrete path.

When he was done, he had made a frame. He lay down inside the frame and said something which caught his mother by surprise:


Here's the actual photo:

Reproduced with permission from 田口ナツミ Natsumi Taguchi (@NatsuTagu)

*In Japan, the word 布団 futon doesn't designate a type of sofa as it often does in other countries, but rather mattresses (such as the ones in the image below) which many Japanese people still use to sleep on tatami flooring.

しほろ温泉「プラザ緑風」, Tzuhsun Hsu, CC by SA 2.0, © Flickr.com

The stone frame created a futon for him to sleep on! He was checking out how comfortable it was.

Pursing up his lips as if he was thinking, "Hmmm, a little stiff," he looked like a customer trying out a bed at a home improvement store or a furniture store!

Taguchi's Tweet elicited comments such as:

  • "How adorable is this?"
  • "What a vivid imagination he has..."
  • "He's destined to become famous."

Children's imagination sometimes surpasses that of adults. To a child, natural objects such as stones and branches may look entirely different.

Sadly, some people lose touch with their more imaginative and creative side later in life. Children can remind us how important it is to use our powers of imagination.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.