The ubiquitous Japanese instant noodle brand Nissin has been having a lot of fun through their Twitter account these days in proposing whimsical lid holder concepts. For example, earlier this year, we introduced their intricate and cleverly designed sauna diorama lid holder as well as a lid holder featuring what looks like a terrifying sea monster emerging from your soup.

Their most recent creation is perfect for the arrival of summer.

Now that the temperatures are rising, more of us are tempted to cool down with a refreshing treat. Unless you live in a very rural area, you're never far away from ice cream in Japan. Every convenience store has at least one—if not two—dedicated freezer sections for all manner of ice cream. It's not unusual to find several dozens of different products.

Following up a convenient meal of Nissin Cup Noodles with an ice cream bar is surely a common occurrence, especially in summer. If you love both, this new lid holder concept is perfect for you:

We made a figure of a "melting ice cream lid holder" which will have you thinking: 'Who the heck left their ice cream here?!'

The humorous concept elicited many comments on Twitter, such as:

  • "This caught me by surprise! It looks so real!"
  • "I want this one more than any of their lid holders so far."
  • "I'd be even happier if it would tell me when 3 minutes have passed by having the chocolate coating turn white as if it had completely melted off."

Just like the previous lid holders proposed by Nissin on their Twitter account, these are just concepts and there are no plans to sell them for now, but it's a safe bet that this one would sell like hotcakes—or rather, hot ice cream bars—if they did.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.