While many of Akihabara-based retailer Thanko's products can be seen as gags and oddities, many of them carry a unifying theme of practicality, such as one person-bento sized rice cookers, kettles that prepare hot water and tea at the same time, and even wearable kotatsu blankets.

Thanko's at it again with a new secret base for those looking to get some privacy done with their telework, or as Thanko suggests, enter a loop of total laziness with their new "in home base tent".

The In Home Base Tent is meant to create an extra sense of privacy and isolation within your own home. As a one-person tent (188 cm in length), it has just enough room to for you to create your own secluded manga, PC, and drinking space.

The bottom is open, and the three sides are mesh, which not only allows air to flow in, but can also be used as a mosquito net outdoors (or should a pesky one find its way in your home). It also comes with two curtains, so you can install a curtain in the front or at the back to block out intruding light.

The tent is also easily assembled with washable mesh curtains simply hung over the base. The entire "secret base" tent is available from Thanko's online store for 6,980 yen.

By - Big Neko.