As many grape Japan readers probably know, Japanese convenience stores sell a wide variety of おにぎり onigiri rice balls.

TikTok user and sweets lover gi_sk_cake (@gi_sk_cake) is particularly fond of 7-Eleven rice balls.

In fact, they love them so much that they created their own original onigiri-style packages!

And thanks to what they put inside those packages, the end result was so impressive that the response has been overwhelming!

@gi_sk_cake おにぎりバターサンドクッキーをコンビニ風にラッピングしてみました!この曲使ったら大久保佳代子さんからコメント届くってほんと?#お菓子作り #手作りお菓子 #tiktok教室ᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠ #お菓子作り好きな人と繋がりたい #ケーキ作り #cooking #sweets #コンビニスイーツ #セブンイレブン #セブンでモナカ ♬ セブンでモナカ - 大久保佳代子とトレンド遊び

All four items have the appearance of 7-Eleven rice balls on the package, but inside are sweet cookie sandwiches!

Even the nori seaweed wrapping and other common rice ball ingredients are replicated in the cookies, so when the wrapping is removed, they still look like onigiri!

Reproduced with permission from gi_sk_cake (@gi_sk_cake)

This one is inspired by 梅干し umeboshi, pickled plum, a common rice ball filling. The package displays a kanji that doesn't actually exist, a combination of 梅 ume, meaning plum and the kanji 苺 ichigo (often written in hiragana as いちご), meaning strawberry. Inside, it's actually strawberry jam with buttercream.

Reproduced with permission from gi_sk_cake (@gi_sk_cake)

This one in inspired by a popular nori seaweed condiment called 海苔の佃煮 nori no tsukudani, typically enjoyed with rice. The most famous brand is Momoya's Gohandesuyo! ごはんですよ!, which we previously reviewed in grape Japan. However, the package says: "Chocolate that could never fool you into thinking it's nori no tsukudani" Inside, you'll find a 'black cocoa' cookie with a ganache filling.

Reproduced with permission from gi_sk_cake (@gi_sk_cake)

This one is inspired by red bean rice, known in Japan as 赤飯 sekihan (patbap 팥밥 in Korean, hóngdòu fàn 红豆饭 in Chinese). The package says: "Raisin sandwich which isn't red bean rice." Inside, the cookie reproduces the look of red bean rice and it has a raisin and caramel buttercream filling.

Reproduced with permission from gi_sk_cake (@gi_sk_cake)

The last one is inspired by わかめ wakame seaweed. The package says "Matcha that's very far from wakame" and contains a matcha buttercream filling.

These cute sandwiches in their original packaging received rave reviews, such as:

  • "I work part-time at 7-Eleven. If these were commercialized, I'd want to sell them to customers!"
  • "The quality is so good that it could be sold as they are!"
  • "They look delicious. I hope 7-Eleven will actually sell this product."
  • "The creator shows he has brilliant taste when it comes to naming and design!"

Many people were attracted by the playful concept of these faux-onigiri cookie sandwiches which are fun to look at and surely a pleasure to eat.

As for buying them, we can only hope that the creator has been noticed by 7-Eleven senpai...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.