For fans of legendary anime Dragon Ball Z, Yamcha's death pose is about as iconic and image as it gets. The famous scene has gone well beyond anime lore and is now secured itself a spot in the world of memes as well.

So when Japanese Twitter user Bodo (@Bodo_G3) found a park with cracks and breaks in the ground that resembled the crater Yamcha was crushed into, he knew exactly what to do--leap into position and recreate the classic scene!

There was just one added wrinkle Bodo didn't account for--a small child hilariously photobombing the shot!

Source: @Bodo_G3

"There was a dent in the ground, so when I pretended to be Yamcha, I was able to take a picture that made it seem like I was defeated by a little child who photobombed me."

Right as Bodo lied down and got into position to recreate Yamcha's dramatic death pose, a small child who was passing by ended up right in the shot! The photo makes it look as if the youngster is the one responsible for Bodo's "death", making him hilariously appear to be an insanely strong child.

Anime fans on Twitter quickly helped the post blow up, much to the delight of those with appreciation for the scene. At the very least, the child appears to be as strong as a Saibaman.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.