June is celebrated worldwide as Pride Month, and more and more brands in Japan are joining in with special products or packaging makeovers. Last year, FamilyMart even turned their famous Famichiki paper bags into a rainbow flags, a symbol of LGBT pride.

This year, the Hard Rock Cafe’s Japan branches have announced that they will be marking the occasion with a colourful ‘Love is Love Shake’, to show their support for Japan’s LGBTQ+ community.

The eye-catching beverage has a milk base with kiwi and yoghurt ice cream for a refreshing taste. There’s rainbow flag gummy candy toppings and colourful sprinkles on the side of the glass. If this doesn’t make the milkshake’s meaning clear enough, there’s also a rainbow flag with Hard Rock Cafe’s motto ‘All is One’, and the words ‘come together’.

So if one of the ways you like to celebrate Pride Month is with delicious rainbow treats, the Love is Love Shake will be on the menu throughout June, costing 1200 yen. It can be picked up at four Hard Rock Cafe branches in Japan: Tokyo, Ueno Station Tokyo, Yokohama, and Universal Citywalk Osaka.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.