Despite being legendary rivals, it’s not unusual for cats and dogs to live together, and the love-hate relationships that this living situation can cause always makes for hilarious interactions between the two pets.

As cute as it is to see loved-up dogs and cats, it’s pretty funny to see their petty squabbles too, which is why this perfectly-timed photo brought us so much joy.

The action shot shows a Siberian Husky called Shante and a cat called Daikichi that live together, and the extent to which the two animal’s emotions can be felt through the photo impressed many commenters.

Source: @xxhama2

The owner’s caption on the photo reads ‘Daikichi Sensei’s no-look punch’. As you can see, the cat didn’t even need to look at his target to deliver a skilful attack, and has a very calm ‘don’t mess with me’ expression. While Shante looks positively shocked at this development, and the blurriness of the shot shows how she recoiled.

According to the owner, Daikichi and Shante often battle each other, and are the perfect example of 'such good friends that they fight'.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.