Japan's many vending machines are known to offer a surprising amount of variety in drinks, snacks, and other goodies, so typically people used to them don't really start turning heads unless they're offering something really unusual like gourmet international cuisine or canned ramen broth.

A Coca-Cola branded vending machine at a construction site is getting just that type of reaction, however.

sina_mtc (@Sina_mtc) recently shared a photo of the vending machine which quickly began to buzz on Twitter, posting it with the caption "at a certain construction site. These are words I'm thankful for. My gratitude."

Source: @Sina_mtc

Even without understanding Japanese, what you might initially notice is that this Coca-Cola vending machine is stocked with only one drink, and it's not Coca-Cola. Instead, it's Aquarius, a popular a grapefruit-flavored sports drink manufactured by Coca-Cola in Japan. Furthermore, all available bottles are a generously sized 600ml, and priced at 50 yen--a total bargain as most vending machines offer beverages from 100-300 yen.

The words sina_mtc expresses their gratitude for are written below, and explain the vending machine's contents: "Heat stroke support vending machine."

In the summer, heat stroke and dehydration become quite a problem in Japan. According to Fire and Disaster Management Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, about 50,000 people are transported to emergency hospitals every year from June to September.

During such a peak time for risk of heat stroke, The usual Coca-Cola lineup of cola, tea, and coffee with Aquarius, which is more suited to keep workers hydrated--particularly construction workers who have to perform more difficult labor in the heat. According to sina_mtc, the vending machine is located in a spot only accessible to those working on the site.

The post quickly attracted attention and praise from those who considered it "godly customer service", as well construction workers who know the situation all too well:

"It's too good to be true! I haven't seen such a low price even in supermarkets."

"What a nice site, you can tell that the people at the top are taking measures for the workers."

"Cool! As a person in the field, it really is a godly machine."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.