If the Brits have their chip butty, Japan has its yakisoba pan.

Perhaps the country's most famous carb-on-carb creation, 焼きそばパン yakisobapan is just what you imagine it is: a yakisoba noodle sandwich. It's a hefty serving of stir-fired yakisoba noodles, with their characteristic savory, tangy sauce, and sometimes extras like beef, cabbage, and topped with red pickled ginger, Japanese mayonnaise, and aonori seaweed, all sandwiched on a buttered コッペパン koppepan roll.

Internationally famous instant noodle brand Nissin is, of course, known for their Cup Noodle lineup, but they also have a brand of instant yakisoba called U.F.O. which recently features an extra rich and savory sauce. In their latest commercial campaign, Nissin encourages consumers to make a "U.F.O. Monster Yakisoba pan" using their noodles. In the commercial below you can see the original Kamen Rider actor Hiroshi Fujioka making one as a variation of Kary Pamyu Pamyu's hit song "Fashion Monster" (UFO Monster) plays in the background.

Although you're welcome to try the version shown in the commercial using thick slices of shokupan bread, those in Japan who prefer the more classic yakisoba pan style can now get a pre-made version at FamilyMart convenience stores.

Don't let the classic bread roll format fool you. It's still a monster nonetheless. Compared to the usual "Yakisoba Pan" sold at FamilyMart, the U.F.O. 濃い濃いモンスター焼そばパン "U.F.O. Koi Koi Monster Yakisoba Pan" has about 1.6 times the total weight and about twice the amount of yakisoba!

Of course, the taste is also "monster class". The rich sauce perfectly matches the mayonnaise and aonori powder, giving it an even richer flavor.

The "U.F.O. Koi Koi Monster Yakisoba Pan" has become a hot topic of conversation on the Internet, with many people raving about how "satisfying this one is" and that they're "impressed by the taste that is better than plain U.F.O. yakisoba noodles." If you're in Japan, why not give it a try?

U.F.O. 濃い濃いモンスター焼そばパン "U.F.O. Koi Koi Monster Yakisoba Pan" is available at all FamilyMart locations in Japan, excluding Okinawa, and will set you back 248 JPY (incl. tax)

By - grape Japan editorial staff.