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Pepsi Japan delights cola drinkers by bringing back…normal Pepsi

As many a Japanese convenience store connoisseur knows, the shelves can be lined with snacks such as Kit Kats and potato chips that have some eye-catching limited edition flavors. Pepsi Cola is no exception to the seasonal flavors, having introduced sakura, salty watermelon, and Christmas cake flavors in the past.

With all those exciting flavors, however, it can actually be a bit hard to track down a standard can or bottle of Pepsi. This is in part because in 2019, Pepsi Cola Japan released a "new formula" Pepsi for Japanese audiences titled "Pepsi Japan Cola" that features a hint of salt and Japanese citrus. The Japan Cola has replaced standard Pepsi in many stores across Japan, making it more difficult to get a hold of the original.

So despite the logo, bottle labeled "Japan Cola" aren't what fans of the original formula are quite used to.

While the standard Pepsi is by no means unavailable in the country, it appears that enough feedback from customers who long for the original and want it more readily available has moved the company to act. Pepsi Cola Japan recently shared news on their Twitter account that they would be working in collaboration with convenience store chain FamilyMart to make "normal Pepsi" more available:

"Sorry to have kept you waiting."

"That" Pepsi long-awaited by fans will be released exclusively at FamilyMart.

"We would like to take this long-awaited occasion to announce that it's been decided that that "normal Pepsi" will be sold at FamilyMart. Hmm? "What do you mean by normal Pepsi?" you say? That's right, it's a completely different thing from "Japan Cola". It's that Pepsi that you've definitely had, at theaters, vending machines, and the like. It's that American-looking Pepsi that simply finding makes diehard fans rejoice. So at this time, we'd like to announce that in response to all our fans who love "normal Pepsi", it will now be sold at FamilyMart as an exclusive."

"Upgraded to 600ml and a steal at only 119 yen! Is this madness? No, this is Pepsi."

The announcement comes on the heels of Pepsi Cola Japan asking fans what they called the original Pepsi variety.

And after receiving several answers (Blue Pepsi, Rare Pepsi, The Usual Pepsi, Regular Pepsi, The First Pepsi, etc.), settling on "Normal Pepsi" as the nickname.

Whatever you want to call it, if you live in a part of Japan where Japan Cola has taken over and you have a hankering for the original formula, FamilyMart appears to be your best shot at a Pepsi oasis.

By - Big Neko.

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