The long-tailed tit (shima enaga in Japanese) is often boasted as "the cutest bird in Japan" online. If you think it's a bold claim, all it takes is one look fluffy white bird that loves to perch on snow-covered branches in Hokkaido to understand its reputation!

Japanese Twitter user boku shima enaga (@daily_simaenaga) may as well be the official fan page for the bird, as they post daily adorable long-tailed tit content, including making Japanese food like sushi and curry in their likeness.

Now on today's menu, they've decided to make onigiri, or rice balls, shaped like the bird--but with a twist! Not only are the rice balls modeled after a long-tailed tit, they also are made to resemble yankii, rebellious delinquent youths often seen in Japanese school anime and dramas.

boku shima enaga cleverly uses the rice ball "fillings" of sausage, shrimp tempura, and eggplant to recreate a yankii's signature pompadour hairstyle, as well as nori seaweed to flesh out their school uniforms.

As tasty as these onigiri may be, they also look like they might just bite back!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.