While the art of photobombing is most often enjoyed as a prank, something about it happening unintentionally can lead to the most memorable photography--such as natural recreations of Yamcha's famous death pose from Dragon Ball Z.

wee(@wee56), who lives with their pet peach-faced lovebird Su and porcupine fish Yu, was recently treated to that phenomenon in their own home. When taking a shot of Su in front of Yu's tank, the porcupine fish just couldn't help but double down on the lovebird's adorably photogenic smile.

Source: @wee56

With Su already posing with an infectious smile, Yu slides in behind with just as beaming a grin--almost as if it was a photoshoot set up from the start. wee says that they can't help but take daily pictures of the two as they're so expressive. Many on Twitter couldn't help but grin in response as well, praising the photo as the ultimate cute photobomb.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.