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Kirby has transformed into adorable items!

Kirby, the lovely round pink character, is appearing in a collaboration with Japan Post Trading Service! This unexpected collaboration will offer many cute items and some of them are related to traditional Japanese culture.

Hoshi no Kirby Mochi Mochi Omochi Cushion

This adorable cushion is inspired by kagamimochi 鏡餅, which is a double-layered rice cake topped with a small mandarin orange. Kagami 鏡 means mirror and mochi 餅 is rice cake in Japanese. Kagamimochi is said to have gained its name from resembling a round bronze mirror. Bronze mirrors had religious significance in both Shinto and Buddhism, hence kagamimochi also gained symbolic importance and are often used as an offering at the end of the year and during new years. It is said that kagamimochi has existed since the Heian 平安era (8th century - 12th century).

This cushion really looks like a kagamimochi. Kirby is topped with a small mandarin orange just like the real thing!

This Hoshi no Kirby Mochi Mochi Omochi Cushion (Hoshi no Kirby Mochi Mochi Omochi Kusshon 星のカービィもちもちおもちクッション) is W260×H370×D240mm and JPY 3,850 yen (tax included).

This cushion must be really comfortable if you hug it. However, if the size is too big, there is smaller one.

This is Hoshi no Kirby Mochi Mochi Omochi Mascot (Hoshi no Kirby Mochi Mochi Omochi Masukotto 星のカービィもちもちおもちマスコット). It is W95×H126×D88mm and JPY 2,750 (tax included).

Hoshi no Kirby Kendama

Next is Hoshi no Kirby Kendama 星のカービィけん玉! Kendama is a traditional Japanese toy. Ken means sword and dama is ball in Japanese.

The ball and cups are connected by a string. The player tosses the ball and tries to catch the ball in one of the three cups or the skewer on the top of the toy.

Kirby Stamp Stand

This is Hoshi no Kirby Stamp stand (Hoshi no Kirby Inkan Tate星のカービィ印鑑立て). Kirby is inhaling the hanko!

The size is W67×H62.7×D48mm and JPY1,650 (tax included)

Of course, there are nice stamps for this stand!

This is a name stamp (Hoshi no Kirby Shiyachihata nēmu 9 pinku 星のカービィシヤチハタ ネーム9ピンク).

You can choose the design you like from the six you see above.

It looks like this when you press it on a piece of paper.

Piggy bank and postage stamps

Other interesting goods being produced in this collaboration include a piggy bank and two different sets of postage stamps.

For readers who live in Japan, these fabulous goods will be made available on the Japan Post Net Shop. For readers who are currently outside of Japan, these goods will be made available on the Japan Post Net Shop on Buyee. Unfortunately, the stamps and the name stamp are only available inside of Japan.

Preorders will be open until August 31st, but the delivery date will differ depending on the type of good and when the preorder was made.


By - Mochijapa (Ayano Irizuki).