You could probably dedicate a good chunk of your itinerary when traveling in Japan to just scouting unusual finds in vending machines. While most machines (which sometimes seem to be around every corner) offer a wide variety of standard drinks, some of the rarer ones you can find will offer you drinkable whipped cream and even fancy French cuisine.

Twitter user BeKo has shared a vending machine in Fukushima prefecture that is wowing even those used to such rare menu items. BeKo shared the photo with the caption "The type of vending machine that appears at this time of year in Fukushima", and the photo shows why the prefecture has earned the nickname "Fruits Paradise". Although it's not just the contents that have people online shocked...

Source: @t_beko

Packed inside each vending machine locker is a batch of peaches. Not just any peaches, however, but the pride and joy of Fukushima--akatsuki peaches, which are are known around Japan for their exceptional sweetness and overflowing juices, so they don't come that cheap. However, as BeKo pointed out, the 300 yen ($2.29 USD at the time of writing) price tag isn't for just a single peach--but the entire lot inside! Even commenters from Fukushima were surprised to find that not only were their vending machines that offer Japan's highest quality peaches, but at a very generous price.

While the vending machines do have coin slots, they seem to resemble the unstaffed produce stands found in the Japanese countryside that operate on the honor system.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.