While they don't get quite as crazy as making gigantic and wearable felt cat heads, Japanese online retailer Felissimo has always been pretty creative in releasing cat-themed fashion items such as socks and glasses that actually mimic the physical traits of felines. Now their Cat Department, specifically dedicated to cat-themed items, is releasing maybe the cutest way to walk around at Japanese summer festivals with this charming cat yukata.

Source: PR Times

Felissimo's Cat Department frequently surveys cat owners for what type of goods they would like to see released, and according to their research they found that while cat yukata certainly exist, it is hard to find varieties that show off the kitty motif from every angle. That's why these yukata are decorated all over with cat images, white and navy stripes, as well as the silver vine plant (also called cat powder), popular in Asia for eliciting a euphoric response from felines. Basically Asian cat nip!

The cat yukata--officially called the "Flower and Cat printed Retro Yukata"--can be purchased with a variety of different obi (the sash wrapped around a kimono or yukata to keep it secure). Like all yukata, they can be worn as sort of a casual kimono in the summer heat, particularly during summer festivals in Japan. Of course, if you don't live in Japan, you can also just use them as relaxing indoor wear.

The Cat Yukata can be ordered from Felissimo's International Website. The yukata is priced at 7,974 yen ($71.56 USD) and each obi is available for 2,478 yen ($22.24). As with all Cat Department items, a portion of the profit will go to a charity effort to help sick or displaced cats.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.