Japanese Twitter user 青髪のテツ Tetsu (@tetsublogorg), a clerk in charge of the produce corner at a Japanese supermarket, puts his knowledge and many years of experience to good use by posting useful vegetable information on his account.

For example, we've already introduced his useful advice on cooking okra and edamame.

In this article, we'll introduce how to recognize a good carrot when you're choosing them at the grocery store, supermarket or farmers market.

According to Tetsu, carrots with large shoulders (the green parts where the roots connects to the stems) tend to lose their firmness and taste because large shoulders indicate larger leaves, and the larger the leaves, the more nutrients they require, which in turn means less nutrients for the edible part of the carrot.

Reproduced with permission from 青髪のテツ Tetsu (@tetsublogorg)

Therefore, Tetsu recommends that people choose carrots with small collars, since their flesh will be softer, tastier, and more nutritious.

This post elicited many responses on Twitter, such as: "I had no idea!" and "I'm going shopping now, so I'll take a look."

The next time you're shopping for carrots, you may want to keep this tip in mind.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.