The Disney Store, operated by Walt Disney Japan Co., Ltd., will release a new series of goods produced in collaboration with Nissin Foods' long-selling Cup Noodle brand. The goods will be available in two phases at the Disney Flagship store in Tokyo, Disney Store branches in Japan, and the official Disney online store, shopDisney.

The first series will go on sale on September 9th and the second series on September 23rd. In addition to the Disney-designed Cup Noodles, you'll find a variety of playfully designed items.

As many of our readers know, Cup Noodles usually require 3 minutes after pouring in hot water to allow the noodles to cook. Based on the idea of "making the three minutes of waiting time more fun," this series shows Mickey, Donald and Goofy exercising or dressed in exercise gear.

The "Cup Noodle Set" comes in an original can case and includes three different flavors, making it ideal for both your personal enjoyment and as a small gift.

The "Cup Noodle Stopper with Hourglass" holds down the lid while also allowing you to count down the three minutes of cooking time before you can enjoy your noodles. In addition, you'll find plush toys wearing exercise gear, as well as jerseys and short-sleeved T-shirts featuring Mickey Mouse doing exercise. Other items such as mobile phone rings and pouches are also available.

From the popular TSUM TSUM series comes Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy dressed in costumes with colors inspired by Cup Noodles. The three characters are designed to be purchased as a set, making them perfect for family and friends.

For more details on all the products in the series, as well as pricing and availability, visit the official collaboration website here.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.