• "Yikes! Too scary!"
  • "To experience two kinds of fear in such a short time..."
  • "You are lucky to have met such a kind person!"
  • "I'm glad there was no panic on the train."

Such were the comments elicited by a spine-chilling incident recounted by Twitter user 受戒 Jukai (@school_of_hmv).

That day, Jukai was riding a crowded train to work.

Suddenly, a junior high school girl grabbed his arm and said, "Let's get off at the next station." He felt the blood drain from his face.

"Is this one of these false accusations of groping that I've heard so much about? I'm done for," he thought.

In despair, he quietly got off the train with the girl.

However, she didn't call the station attendant, which may have confused him. Perhaps it wasn't what he feared. Instead, she turned to him and said: "Your shoulder..."

Jukai quickly looked at his right shoulder and, to his shock, found a large caterpillar * on it!

* Many Japanese people are repulsed by caterpillars.

As Jukai explains in a follow-up Tweet, the kind-hearted junior high school girl merely wanted to point out the presence of the caterpillar after getting off so as not to cause panic on the train.

Realizing that a caterpillar had hitched a ride on his body while he was on the train, Jukai screamed in horror. It was his second shock in a short period of time.

In a third Tweet, Jukai joked: "My life expectancy was shortened by about 10 million years."

Thinking back on that day, he says that he felt stares from the people around him when he boarded the train.

Most of the passengers were probably aware of the caterpillar's presence but did not know what to do about it.

It must have taken a lot of courage for the girl to approach Jukai the way she did, even though the situation was likely to be misunderstood.

Not too many people would be capable of taking such initiative in a similar situation.

Jukai was surely grateful for "her incredible kindness."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.