Talented husband and wife icing cookie artist duo WHIP SUGAR (@YuicihiroG) took a break from crafting deliciously charming and edible Studio Ghibli dioramas to give one of Japan's favorite cookies an aesthetic upgrade. The icing masters took some Hato Sable (Pigeon Sable), which are pigeon-shaped sable cookies, and gave them an incredibly detailed steampunk decoration.

Using the same expert sugar and icing techniques, WHIP SUGAR once again turned the pigeon cookie into a stylish bird treat, this time with a colorful futuristic look!

Source: @YuicihiroG

Source: @YuicihiroG

Just like last time, the cyber pigeon sable even comes with a set of high-tech blueprints!

Source: @YuicihiroG

You can really see how detailed WHIP SUGAR gets when it comes to filling in details with icing cream!

As always, WHIP SUGAR provided an awesome making of video that shows how they turned the simple cookie into something truly next level.

You can follow WHIP SUGAR on Twitter for even more amazing icing artwork.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.