Fairycake Fair, a Japanese cupcake and cookie store produced by confectionery specialist Romi Igarashi いがらしろみ, has teamed up with singer Miu Sakamoto 坂本美雨 (daughter of Ryuichi Sakamoto and Yano Akiko) and illustrator Hisae Maeda 前田ひさえ, to create "LetterBOX cat cookie," which goes on sale from Friday, June 25th, 2021.

You'll not only enjoy oversized yet cutely-designed cat cookies modeled after Miu Sakamoto's beloved cat Savami, but you can also admire postcards designed by Hisae Maeda too. Moreover, it's a sustainable product. The box not only has the functional purpose of holding the cookies, but once you have eaten their cute contents, it also turns into a decorative item or a frame for the postcards or your own photos to display in your home or office. You can also reuse it as a gift box to send your own gifts to family or friends.

These oversized cat cookies come in two flavors: salted butter and chocolate. The cookies are baked daily in Fairycake Fair's workshop.

(Left) Salted butter: Made with additive-free French Guérande salt that is harvested by hand using ancient methods, these cookies combine mild saltiness with the pleasant flavor of fermented butter.

(Right) Chocolate: These crispy cookies have the rich flavor of bitter chocolate and fermented butter.

The cookies reproduce Miu Sakamoto's cat Savami's pose (known as "zusah" #ズサァ), which is popular on Japanese social media.

Hisae Maeda has turned Savami's adorable pose into postcards that are fun to display or send.

The set includes two types of watercolor postcards. If you display them in the box frame, you can choose the one that suits your mood.

Delicious, cute and sustainable

The cards can be easily replaced, making it a decorative storage box that can be used not only for yourself but also for the recipient if you send it as a gift. When you reuse the box, these cookies will turn into sweet memories that last after they are eaten.


Additional suggestions for reuse

  • A great gift for grandparents or friends: You can set children's photos and drawings in the frame, and put crafts and other items in the storage box to complete an original gift!
  • Framing ideas: Set your beloved pets' photos or your favorite art cards in the picture frame and decorate your room! Change your mood!

Product details

  • Product name: LetterBOX cat cookie
  • LetterBOX cat cookie [Set A: Checked pattern] [Set B: Diamond pattern]
  • Price: 2,800 JPY each (tax included)
  • Content: Salted butter cookies (4), Chocolate cookies (4)
  • On sale from: June 25th, 2021
  • Fairycake Fair Online Shop: Set A, Set B

About Fairycake Fair

Fairycake Fair cherishes the process of making everything handmade, creating sweets that are fun to look at and enjoy every day. They now create confectionaries in their newly reopened online store. Fairycake Fair also works with artists and creators who do not usually create sweets, introducing new tasty experiences reflecting their perspectives and ideas, without being limited by boundaries or genres.

Miu Sakamoto (L), Hisae Maeda(R)

By - grape Japan editorial staff.