IKEA rose to prominence thanks to their stylish flatpack furniture, but now the Swedish homeware store has also become known for providing tasty dishes to their famished customers. Some IKEA fans even make a trip to the store just to eat, without even perusing the range of furnishings. IKEA Japan in particular have even been churning out seasonal treats at a reasonable price throughout the year, including cherry blossom snacks for spring.

But spooky season is finally upon us, and that means creepy eats are back on the menu boys!

The Halloween pancake is a bloody, shocking sight, but don’t worry, it’s just berry sauce and a finger-shaped cookie.

The next dessert takes inspiration from the Swedish tradition of ‘fika’. This ‘Halloween Fika Set’ includes a black chiffon cake coloured with bamboo charcoal and a chestnut mont blanc. This duo pairs perfectly with tea or coffee to conduct your own spooky fika.

The ‘Bat Glass Cake’ comes in a clear container so you can see the bloody horror of the dessert’s components. This includes chocolate brownie, whipped cream, berry sauce and a bat-shaped cookie.

The tart harnesses the seasonal power of the pumpkin for a less spooky, but still seasonally apt dish.

The Halloween Doughnuts are a treat for the eyes... kind of.

As Halloween costumes go, ninja is a pretty easy one to put together, so that might be why the popular ‘Ninja Dog’ is returning to IKEA just for this seasonal campaign.

Or you can go full goth with a ‘Black Strawberry Soft Serve’. Both the ice cream and cone have been coloured jet black.

Lastly, the ‘Halloween Horror Sundae’ is back too, for a particularly gruesome take on the classic ice cream dessert.

This spooktacular menu will be haunting branches of IKEA in Japan until 31st October 2022. Each store menu may differ, so please check ahead on the official website of IKEA Japan before visiting!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.