As we all know, florals for spring is not exactly groundbreaking, but Japan’s weird and wonderful cherry blossom creations continue to push some unexpected boundaries. From curry, to shoes, to aquariums, the sakura-ification of commodities continues, and now these springtime treats can be found in even the most random of locations.

During this season, you might want to buy some homeware after spring cleaning, and currently that innocent trip to IKEA could actually be a goldmine of reasonably priced cherry blossom themed food thanks to their limited time only 'Sakura Pink Food Fair'.

The famous IKEA hot dog has been transformed into a spring spectacle, nestled in a cherry blossom coloured bun (250 yen).

For those with a sweet tooth and an eye for a classic seasonal colour scheme, the pink hot dog bun makes another appearance as a dessert containing sweet green bean paste and whipped cream and topped with a pickled cherry blossom flower (250 yen).

Another dessert which will instantly put anyone in the spring mood is the Sakura Sundae (250 yen). Sakura flavour soft serve ice cream is topped with a traditional three colour dango and sweet red bean paste.

These three can be found on the 1st floor bistro, while the following two desserts are on offer in the 2nd floor IKEA Restaurant and Cafe.

Moving away from the traditional Japanese flavours, there’s also a Swedish specialty available, a pretty pink Princess Tarte (299 yen).

For a mini smorgasbord of sweets, try out the Pink Dessert Plate (499 yen). This luxurious treat includes a chiffon cake, macaron, whipped cream, berry flavoured red bean paste and fresh raspberries.

This ‘Sakura Pink Food Fair’ will bloom until 19th April in IKEA stores all over Japan. Check out the official website for up to date information.

By - Jess.