One rainy day, manga artist 青木ぼんろ Bonro Aoki (@aobonro) was carrying an umbrella as he walked into a train station.

He was minding his own business when, suddenly, he had a dangerous encounter.

The scary experience inspired him to draw a manga with the aim of warning others and giving important safety advice.

Reproduced with permission from 青木ぼんろ Bonro Aoki (@aobonro)

English translations added by grape Japan.

Aoki was almost hit by the tip of an umbrella held by a man walking in front of him.

When he tried to warn him, he came under attack!

The last scene, reminiscent of Yamcha's death pose in Dragon Ball Z adds a humorous touch to what is otherwise a very serious topic.

Of course, in real life, you won't actually end up like this, but if you are holding your umbrella incorrectly, you could injure someone.

In the interest of safety, you should probably be careful not to poke anyone by making sure you hold it with the tip facing downwards.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.