Whether it's the convenience store or a bakery, it's not uncommon to see the melon pan, or melon bread, section close to cleared out in Japan. The sweet and sugary bread gets its name due to both its melon flavor and shape, and is a definitely among the top favorites of breads to munch on in Japan.

Japanese chocolate company Bourbon has come up with an all new way to enjoy it that is certain to be a game changer for melon bread fanatics. The sweets maker has been recently rolling out "sliced" versions of chocolate and even tuna mayonnaise to give your breakfast toast a flavorful upgrade as part of their "Easy Cooking" series.

Now Bourbon is releasing a sliced version of melon bread called "Melon Pan Sheets!" It's a melon bread flavored sheet similar to sliced cheese that you can slap on your bread, heat up, and use to instantly turn it into melon bread.

While the bumpy texture of melon bread is part of its appeal, the convenience of being able to apply the flavor of the beloved sweet bread to toast, ice cream, or any other treat so easily is a "through the looking glass" moment for melon bread fans.

Melon Pan Sheets go on sale throughout Japan starting October 1st in packages of five sheets.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.