Even with well behaved doggos, snack time for dog lovers can be quite the ordeal. This is especially true when the snack in question has a scent that tickles your canine's fancy.

Japanese Twitter user Shigashiga (@kyle_kiiwi_) unwittingly discovered this when they were enjoying a slice of cheesecake recently. Shigashiga's Australian Shepherd, Kyle, is a big fan of cheese-flavored dog snacks. Unfortunately, while Kyle is a good boy, he can't quite seem to tell the difference between the smell of cheesecake and his favorite doggie snacks--leading to this adorably intrusive face Shigashiga has to put up when eating cake:

Source: @kyle_kiwi_

"I was eating a piece of cheesecake, when this appeared with great force."

Attracted by the allure of the cheesy scent Kyle no doubt suspected were his favorite snack, Kyle decided to make his presence (and appetite) well know to Shigashiga by adorably placing his face on their legs and peering up longingly from beneath the table. Shigashiga says that Kyle pretty much literally flew over to them once they sensed the cheesecake, flashing this look at has many on Twitter staring with hearts in their eyes. Unfortunately Kyle can't actually partake of the cheesecake, and perhaps outside of his snacks, cheese may need to be eaten in stealth in the household from now on...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.