Spooky season may have come and gone in Japan, but the month of October saw plenty of terrifying demon parades and Halloween celebrations, and especially limited-edition Halloween sweets.

Family restaurant Coco's was one such place offering a special Halloween dessert menu, and Twitter user Mikumi (@3931sandesu) had their eyes set on the seasonal special of Halloween Ghost Cakes. Served with fresh berries and macarons, the creamy cakes are shaped to look like ghosts, as you might guess from their name.

However, what was served on Mikumi's plate looked quite different from the ghost pictured on the menu...

Source: @3931sandesu

The whipped cream of the ghost's body has completely collapsed, changing the delicious sprite into something else entirely! What are supposed to be hands made of mint look more like ears, and the deflated pile of creamy goo definitely has no intention of scaring anybody. Still, the cakes have become quite popular for just that reason--a server at Coco's commented on the post, apologizing and saying that the ghost cakes are one of the hardest things to prepare on the menu.

Customers seem quite happy with it, however, as the difficulty of preparing the cake means there's a high chance that you won't know what type of "ghost" will end up on your plate. Many found Mikumi's cake to resemble a flapjack octopus, which has become somewhat of an adorable aquatic mascot in Japan.

Mikumi definitely didn't mind either, ordering a few more times and showing how the ghost is capable of transforming!

Source: @3931sandesu

Source: @3931sandesu

By - grape Japan editorial staff.