Photographer YASUTO (@yasuto8888) snaps a lot of gorgeous shots of seasonal scenery found around Japan. But what appears to be the true star of his work isn't springtime cherry blossoms or brilliant fall foliage, instead its the incredibly pure relationship between his grandmother and her beloved shiba inu, Fuku. YASUTO's shots of his grandmother playing with the adorable dog (set of course to wonderful natural backdrops) have become a huge hit, as you can really feel the love between the granny and her dog.

Now YASUTO has added to that series with a video that many on Twitter can't help but watch on loop. The short video shows his grandmother sitting in a chair, spoiling a clothed Fuku with affectionate pats all while seated among a captivating bed of fallen autumn leaves. Good luck not having your heart soothed over by this!

The heartwarming video has many spellbound, with replies like "I'm so happy to see them still going strong", "I can't stop watching", and "I can't find the words to describe how wonderful it is" left on the post.

Be sure to follow YASUTO on Twitter, where you can keep up with the too wholesome and playful love his grandmother and Fuku have for one another.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.