You always have to be on your toes when it comes to seasonal releases for McDonald's in Japan, as you never know when Mobile Suit Gundam burgers or sakura mochi pies are going to hit the menu for a limited time.

One constant yearly release you can count on is the Gurakoro (short for "guratan korokke", or "gratin-croquette burger"), which has become so popular it's now become a winter menu staple. Billed as a hot and tasty way to ward off the winter cold, the Gurakoro is a crispy croquette stuffed with piping hot creamy white sauce, shrimp and macaroni, topped with shredded cabbage, spicy croquette sauce and served between two fluffy buns made with rich butter. While the standard Gurakoro returns during the winter, it's usually accompanied by a "new" version with a special twist--like super rich Bolognese sauce as a topping.

This year is no different, with a new fancy upgrade on the wintertime favorite that is a mouthful to both eat and say: "Fuwatoro Tamago Noko Demi Gurakoro"--"The Soft and Creamy Eggs with Demi-glace sauce Gurakoro."

The new rendition of the Gurakoro is intended "to comfortably wrap up the cold of winter in soft and fluffy eggs", and it certainly appears to do that. The Soft and Creamy Eggs with Demi-glace sauce Gurakoro takes the standard Gurakoro, but tops it with especially creamy and fluffy scrambled eggs with a buttery flavor and texture, as well as rich demi-glace sauce that has a hint of truffle flavoring to it.

Of course, the standard Gurakoro will be available as well.

Both the Gurakoro (370 yen a la carte) and Fuwatoro Tamago Noko Demi Gurakoro (420 yen a la carte) will be featured during both breakfast and standard McDonald's menu hours, and will be available from November 30th to the beginning of January.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.