The end of the year has seen some interesting fast food releases in Japan, including fried chicken sushi, as well as a Whopper that wards off evil from Burger King. McDonald's is also getting in on the seasonal release fun, bringing back their two behemoth mutations of the Big Mac--the Grand Big Mac and the Giga Big Mac for a limited time to kick off the New Year.

The return of the two heavy duty Big Macs are part of McDonald's Japan's "Big Smile Campaign", which sees the standard Big Mac combo set reduced from 690 yen to 550 yen. Those with a bigger appetite can challenge the Grand Big Mac and Giga Big Mac, which will be available from January 6th to January 19th.

Grand Big Mac

The Grand Big Mac features beef patties 1.3 times larger than usual Big Mac patties, and an especially large bun.

Giga Big Mac

The Giga Big Mac, which is available in limited quantity, is roughly 2.8 times the size of the original Big Mac, featuring four patties and larger-than-usual sesame bun.

Customers can also enter a lottery by following the McDonald's Japan Twitter account and tweeting out a comment with #ビッグマックでBIGSMILE attached for a chance to win a gift card, as well as checking lottery seals attached to fry packages.

By - Big Neko.