Whether it be seasonal strawberry dessert menus or fancy beverages inspired by Makoto Shinkai anime, Japanese convenience store Lawson seems to have solidified quite the reputation for a delicious sweets section.

So we have to say we were pretty excited when we heard of a new creamy addition to their Uchi Cafe sweets and beverage division called the Cream in White Soufflé that's been pleasing sweet teeth online, we had to swing by and pick up one of the creamy sponge cakes for ourselves to see what all the fuss was about.

Just seeing it on the shelf of the sweets section, we knew we were in for a treat, as even in the package you can see the soft cream inside overflowing from the sponge cake casing, which looks quite fluffy.

(c) grape Japan

As you can see, the sponge cake is packed to the brim with a whipped cream that is made of a blend from fresh cream and milk from Hokkaido, which is renowned in Japan for its rich flavor. There's really no way to bite into it without getting some cream on your face, so we dug right in and were treated to the pleasant surprise of a sweet but mellow and airy blend of cream that felt super light to eat away at, despite the visual of the huge volume.

(c) grape Japan

The sponge soufflé cake itself had a light and fluffy mochi-like quality to it, which went perfectly with the light cream stuffing.

(c) grape Japan

All in all, despite it's somewhat overwhelming appearance, this may be the perfect creamy convenience store dessert for those who dig themselves some whipped cream but are afraid of getting to full of it from other desserts, as the Hokkaido blend is super light but delivers enough sweet and rich flavor to keep you coming back for more!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.