No matter how clever they may be, if you've lived with a dog, you've likely experienced a moment where your canine friend's brain seems to shut down for a second. Sometimes, however, it turns out they're actually just thinking things out.

Twitter user @potatochips0227 noticed that when they noticed their Bichon Frise-Toy Moodle mix, Potechi, playing excitedly with a plastic water bottle that had fallen on the floor. When @potatochips0227 locked eyes with Potechi, they noticed the previously super-wired pup froze in his tracks, staring at his owner while keeping a hand on the bottle.

It was then that @potatochips0227 noticed that Potechi wasn't simply just staring at them, but was actually conflicted about how to continue with their playtime:

"He wants me to throw the plastic bottle, but knows I might just confiscate it, and so is conflicted."

You can really sense the dilemma Potechi is facing as you look at his worried expression. While he looks a bit like a soccer goalie holding onto a ball, you can tell that this isn't the first time he's tried to get his owner to play with the water bottle only for it to be taken away. As bad as many people felt for Potechi watching the video, others couldn't help but admire his adorable resolve to not risking giving up the bottle.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.