One produce-related phenomenon found on the Japanese corner of social media is that of the "sexy daikon." The term is used for daikon radishes that that appear to be suggestively crossing their "legs" or posing sexily. IF you search the hashtag #セクシー大根, you'll mostly be greeted with shoppers and farmers joking about discovering a daikon with sex appeal at their supermarket or in their harvest, but the term has been popularized enough that there are even giant sexy daikon plushies now.

Here's an example of a sexy daikon:

Morifarm Inc. (@morifarm2021), recently shared a sexy daikon harvested by one of their staff that may set a new standard for seductive veggies. With especially long legs, some have dubbed this radish a model daikon!

If you think of the daikon leaves as hair and the white, round part as the body and head, the protruding "legs" are so long it seems unbalanced. Still, many were taken aback by the long-legged radish, and even those who had seen quite their share of sexy daikon were calling it "a beautiful leggy radish" and a "beauty model level" daikon.

It's definitely quite the standout sexy daikon, but with it's size it probably won't be fitting into supermarket sexy daikon sections anytime soon.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.