You may remember Japanese Twitter user Kamoshika (@b09a2032c) for living with a Siberian Husky, Yuki and two cats, Sun and Ren, who are absolutely inseparable. Sun in particular is a giant fan of lying on top of Yuki, and cuddling up as much as possible.

Sun has recently encountered a rival for Yuki's affection in the form of a plushie of Blåhaj, the popular shark mascot of IKEA. Kamoshika decided to have some fun by placing a plushie of Blåhaj on top of Sun's favorite resting spot--Yuki's back. As you can see, Sun took some grievance with their new furniture store ambassador shark rival!

Sun will have absolutely none of the stuffed shark stealing their cuddle buddy, yanking the plushie by the tail angrily and wrestling it away.

The video's detailing Sun's adorable jealousy have been a big hit online, bringing a smile to the face of pet lovers everywhere. The cutest thing, of course, is that Yuki doesn't seem to mind the feline vs. shark battle taking place on top of her--much in the same way she doesn't mind Sun mounting her and smothering her with kisses!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.