While it's understandably precluded by a moment of panic, one of the more humorous parts of owning a pet are those episodes where you can't seem to find them only to discover them in an amusing or unexpected place.

While Japanese Twitter user @kotaro_chang recently had type of experience when looking for their playful shiba inu, Kotaro, they fortunately didn't have to look very long as the dog gave them a really big (and adorable) hint as to where he was.

When looking for Kotaro, their owner heard a faint snoring noise. Thinking that the shiba had fallen asleep somewhere, they were pleasantly surprised to see that the zzzz's were coming from there living room--where Kotaro had parked himself right in front of the heater, and dozed off with an incredibly blissful look on his face.

Source: @kotaro_chang

Source: @kotaro_chang

It seems the power of Kotaro's favorite heater has lulled him into an adorable sleeping pose, trapped by its warmth and frozen (well, toasted, actually) in place with the cutest sleepy smile on his face! The pictures of Kotaro's love of the heater has become a hit on Twitter, warming people almost as much as the heater does for him. This may be a set of photos you'll want to look back on when you feel the winter chill.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.