As some of our readers may recall, Japanese sewing and embroidery artist イプノット ipnot (@ipnot) has made a name for herself with incredibly realistic works. Whether it's miniature bowls of ramen, sushi, or Japanese sweets, or slices of pizza with gooey cheese, she continually pushes the boundaries of what can be realized with a string, needle and thread.

Now, it would seem that ipnot has done it again.

In what may be one of her most convincingly realistic works to date, she created a sheet of toasted nori seaweed out of string.

If you're unfamiliar with toasted nori seaweed, here's what it looks like. It's used in a variety of ways, from onigiri rice balls and sushi rolls or sushi nigiri to ramen and soba noodles, and much more. At its best, toasted nori is crispy, aromatic, flavorful, and good enough to enjoy as it is.

freeangle | © PIXTA

And this is ipnot's toasted nori made out of string:

Reproduced with permission from イプノット ipnot (@ipnot)

"This is toasted nori seaweed (made of) string"

In the video she posted to her Twitter account, she tilts it to show it off from different angles:

Reproduced with permission from イプノット ipnot (@ipnot)

From the thinness of the sheet to the unique texture of the seaweed to the uneven edges, her creation is remarkably similar to the real thing. She even reproduced the luster of a premium sheet of toasted nori when it catches the light.

Even when juxtaposed with the two bundles of green string which she presumably combined to make it, it's hard to believe it isn't a real sheet of toasted nori. In fact, if you could get your hands on it, you'd surely be tempted to wrap it around a rice ball and dig in.

Or you can just watch ipnot do it for you, using a pickled plum rice ball of her own creation:

Ipnot's remarkable toasted nori art was widely liked and shared on Twitter, eliciting comments such as:

  • "Surely, you're joking. This can't be string..."
  • "What beautiful luster!"
  • "I can imagine it being so crispy... Yum!"
  • "Seriously, I can't distinguish it from the real thing."
  • "This is messing up my brain. I can't..."
  • "I'm sure it would be tasty on a rice ball..."

You have to wonder what ipnot will create next. To find out, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.