One day before the dawn of the Year of the Rabbit, Phads Co., Ltd., which operates restaurants centering on its flagship brand 新時代 Shinjidai, famous for its 伝串® Denkushi deep-fried chicken skin skewers, opened its third Shinjidai location in the Shibuya neighborhood in the popular Center-Gai street.

The Shinjidai group opened its 100th restaurant in July 2022 and is rapidly growing as it leaps forward in 2023, with the goal of reaching 500 restaurants. Following the company's motto that "people gather at fun places," they hope to provide an entertaining new venue in Shibuya where people will enjoy their food and good company.

Denkushi chicken skin skewers

Developed by the founder, former professional soccer player and entrepreneur Naoshi Sano, Shinjidai's signature product, Denkushi, has become a huge hit, selling over 90 million skewers thus far!

The crispy texture of 伝串® Denkushi is achieved through a trademarked process that removes excess fat and retains healthy collagen, leaving the skins very crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Their special sweet and tangy sauce is made with ginseng, known to have many health benefits, and their seasoning mix, made with soybeans and spices, contains zero salt, you can sprinkle it on without worrying about your sodium intake.

Finally, at only 50 JPY per skewer, you can have as many as you'd like without worrying about your budget. Prices at Shinjidai are very reasonable. For example, you can have a medium sized draft beer for only 190 JPY.

SNS-famous Denkushi Pyramid

One fun menu item you can enjoy at Shinjidai is the Denkushi Pyramid, available in either 10 skewers (4 tiers), 21 skewers (6 tiers), or 36 skewers (8 tiers), stacked up to create a pyramid. Ever since the Dengushi Pyramid became an official item on the menu, it has become one of the chain's most popular items, with diners taking photos of it all over Japan and posting them on their social media accounts.

A wide range of delicious chicken dishes

In addition to their famous Denkushi, Shinjidai has a wide variety of tasty dishes for you to try. Most items are within the 200-300 yen range, and the more substantial items below are all 480 JPY:

  • 国産親鶏の炭火焼き『どる焼き』 Charcoal-grilled domestic chicken "Doruyaki": The second-most popular item after Denkushi, it has a delicious taste, chewy texture, and smoky aroma.
  • 鶏とろ肉と地鶏たまごの『鶏旨タレユッケ』 Yukhoe tartare made with only the freshest chicken meat and delicious free-range chicken eggs.
  • 面倒くさいポテトサラダ Shinjidai's original "Lazy potato salad," which diners mix at their table.
  • Dishes to pair with your drinks: Kǒushuǐjī (Sichuan chili oil chicken), Taiwanese seasoned tofu, chicken gizzards with Sichuan pepper seasoning.

Shop information

  • Name: 新時代 渋谷センター街点 SHINJIDAI Shibuya Center-Gai Branch
  • Address: 東京都渋谷区宇田川町30-1 1F (1F, 30-1 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)
  • Tel: 03-6455-2275
  • Business hours: 17:00 - 5:00 the next day, no holidays.
  • Page on Tabelog
  • Official Instagram account

By - grape Japan editorial staff.