Source: PR Times

Japan’s first prime lamb bistro opens in Shibuya

When traveling in Shibuya, it can be easy to get swept up in the attractive menus of delicious chicken skewer specialty stores and edible tea cafes, but those looking for a meaty feast now have a new hearty option. On January 16th, Japan's first ever "Lamb Bistro" Prime Lamb opened, offering a menu of tasty lamb cuts and dishes from around the world.

Prime Lamb, said to be the first ever lamb specialty bistro in Japan, serves up unique lamb chops fire-roasted in a traditional pizza oven. Their menu, which features ten different lamb cuts, is highlighted by their Prime Lamb Chop Steak, as well as their Prime Course, a dinner course (5,800 per person with a minimum party of two), of premium lamb cuts and fresh vegetables.

A la carte orders are also available for 2,400 yen.

Those looking to take in a lunch or dinner feast of premium lamb cuts in Tokyo will want to check out Prime Lamb, and give their official restaurant page a look for access information and online reservations.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.