As most visitors to Japan's major urban areas can surely attest to, this country has an astonishing diversity of food and drink vending machines. Vending machines not only sell countless different brands of beverages, both hot and cold, but there are also vending machines selling everything from pizza, curry rice, frozen ramen and even high-quality French cuisine.

With the novel coronavirus pandemic, food vending machines have diversified even further, on the one hand giving businesses an alternative way of selling products and helping them recoup some of the loss caused by a drop in in-person sales, and on the other hand, giving customers a way of enjoying food in a safe, convenient and socially distant manner.

Salad Stand

YouTube: "最新テクノロジーの進化系自販機" © Sankei News

One such vending machine can be found in Shibuya, Tokyo. It's called Salad Stand. The colorful exterior of the machine is inspired by earth, grass, sky, and sun. A peek inside reveals a colorful array of salads, just like those served in restaurants.

YouTube: "最新テクノロジーの進化系自販機" © Sankei News

You can see the machine in operation in the following video:

Here are some of the salads served at a Salad Stand machine:

YouTube: "最新テクノロジーの進化系自販機" © Sankei News

Now at Shibuya Station!

On January 16th, 2023, the fourth machine in Shibuya ward is being installed, and this one may be the most convenient of them all, since it's located in the concourse outside the central gate of the Keio Inokashira Line at Shibuya Station.

Signature Salad Stand Salads

In this machine, three of seven salads will be offered on a rotating schedule.

The salads all cost 880 JPY, including tax, and include:

  • A fiber-rich Beniharuka sweet potato and almond salad.
  • A protein-rich salad made with Japanese-grown soybeans and shima tofu from Okinawa, also paired with anchovy dressing.
  • A smoked salmon and cheese Salad, drizzled with a special anchovy dressing.
  • A crab meat and oyster salad, also paired with anchovy dressing.
  • A yellowfin tuna salad, drizzled with white dressing.
  • A steamed chicken and quinoa salad, also paired with white dressing.
  • A smoked duck and almond salad, also paired with white dressing.


You can also buy sandwiches featuring a variety of fillings such as vegetables, chicken, ham and eggs. The machine offers two different options: "Mustard Chicken & Egg BOX" and "Ham Katsu & Coleslaw BOX" which change on a weekly basis. These sandwiches are priced at 350 JPY (including tax).

Baked Potato

If you want something lighter, there are snacks such as a smooth and creamy baked potato made with Beniharuka sweet potatoes that have been stored at low temperatures to increase their sweetness for 350 JPY (including tax).

Smoked Egg

Another unique option is the smoked egg, using only eggs from contracted farms in Yamagata prefecture, and seasoned only with salt. The eggs are then smoked and aged for 3 days to fully infuse the flavor. It's priced at 150 JPY (including tax).

Cold-Pressed Juices, Drinks, and Cold Soups

In addition to salads, the vending machine also offers a variety of drinkable options. To begin with, you'll find delicious cold-pressed juices with names like "Açaí Brown," "Bamboo Black," "Energy Yellow," "Love Purple," "Peter Orange," and "Swiss Chard," each priced at 1,200 JPY (including tax).

The vending machine also offers 100% pure pear juice made with high-quality domestic La France pears for a truly indulgent fruit juice experience. Priced at 250 JPY (including tax).

You can also get a yogurt drink made with 100% Hokkaido milk, mixed with grape juice and quince fruit. Priced at 250 JPY (including tax).

For those looking for a more savory choice, there are three cold soups in pouches that are compact and easy to drink. The rotating selection includes a corn potage, a carrot and citrus soup, and a gazpacho soup, each priced at 500 JPY (including tax).


For a refreshing dessert, the vending machine offers a cup of fresh and juicy mango fruit, mildly sweetened with a light syrup. Priced at 250 JPY (including tax).

There's also a mango konjac jelly made with juicy and flavorful mangos from Okinawa, in a convenient and easy-to-eat pouch format. Priced at 200 JPY (including tax).

To see all the available menu items at all Salad Stand locations, check out Salad Stand's website here.

The new machine in Keio Inokashira Line's Shibuya Station will open on January 16th, 2023 at 10:00 a.m., while cold-pressed juices will be available from January 17th, 1:00 p.m.

This is the precise location where it will be installed:

Convenient Features

Cashless Payment

In addition to providing healthy and nutritious foods and drinks, Salad Stand vending machines are fully automatic and can handle cashless payment, a feature that has become even more important during the pandemic.

YouTube: "最新テクノロジーの進化系自販機" © Sankei News

YouTube: "最新テクノロジーの進化系自販機" © Sankei News

Fighting against food loss

In addition, Salad Stand is equipped with the latest technology using AI to reduce food loss. According to Kompeito CTO Yuki Umezu, the AI sensor at the top of the vending machine measures the number of passersby and people who stop in front of it. The machine's AI analyzes this data, including the expiration date of the salads, allowing the company to adjust the number of salads to be restocked and the timing of price reductions, leading to fewer unsold salads. In the future, the company plans to further improve the accuracy of the system based on weather information and other factors.

The Salad Stand vending machine offers a wide range of healthy and delicious options at reasonable prices, making it a convenient and attractive option for those looking for a quick and easy lunch on the go.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.