If you check out enough convenience stores and vending machines in Japan, you'll eventually come across some "drinkable" versions of food you may not otherwise describe as such, including canned curry and the mysterious Butter Drink.

5 CROSSTIES COFFEE, an in-station café based around the Tokyo metropolitan area, maybe be offering one of the more gourmet takes on "drinkable foods" yet, with their all new cheesecake smoothie that'll let you have your cake and drink it too, available from January 30 to April 30 at all six branches.

The new "drinkable sweets" mixes blueberry jam and cream cheese in a smoothie and tops it with cheesecake and granola, and is said to have a refreshing lemon finish that delivers big time cheesecake flavor in a warm cup.

The Cheesecake Smoothie will be available for 750 yen at all six locations (Kamakura store, Gransta Tokyo store, Ecute Ueno store, Ecute Nippori store, Ecute Edition Yokohama store, and Shibuya Scramble Square store) of 5 CROSSTIES COFFEE. Drink up!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.