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This Japanese Pop Star Put WHAT In Her Hair?!

Popular singer and celebrity in Japan, Shoko Nakagawa (affectionately known to fans as "Shokotan"), has a rather peculiar summertime hobby. She collects the empty shells of cicadas every year and...wears them as ornaments in her hair.

Yes, I know--but she actually has a method to this madness. In Japan, cicadas are somewhat of a mascot for the summer season. Their loud and almost orchestral crying (sometimes mistaken for birds) rings in the season, and thus the chatterbug insect has become synonymous with summer in Japan.

So this summer "pet project" of Shokotan is actually her way of showing to herself and her fans that summertime has come, and that they are all living through it.

Her Twitter provides a glimpse at this unique summer fashion.

"Proof that I'm still alive. '2015"

"I've done it again this summer."

And somehow, in 2015 she put the empty shells of 1,000 cicadas in her hair! She's pretty much done herself up as a cicada Christmas tree--but that's not all. Let's take a look at her cicada coup de grace at the "ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2015"

As she posted on Twitter: "My proof of living through 2015 that I collected in Yoyogi Park. When I threw the cicada shells at fans they yelled at me and got angry, so this year I gave myself a shower in 1,000 of them. It smelled bad, but I'll never forget that I lived through this summer."

She gathered up all those cicada shells in Tokyo's Yoyogi Park. Quite the artistic endeavour.

I guess it's really a matter of "whatever floats your boat", but at least for Shokotan and the rest of Japan, we can say that summertime has come again.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.