Anyone in Japan who lives with in a home with shoji, or traditional sliding paper doors, knows the paper panels need regular maintenance. This is doubly true of those who live with cats, as they often find a way to wreck them at any given opportunity (although this does lead to an opportunity for some amazing remodeling).

While we know that cats and shoji appear to be natural enemies, TikTok user taa_chii_chan recently provided a video of their cat Chii that shows it may not always be the door itself that is the kitty-magnet:

After catching Chii wreck a shoji panel, taa_chii_chan noticed that she seemed to be stuck in quite the graceful pose of door destruction that she would normally easily free herself from. The reason for that is that on the other side of the window a cicada is buzzing around! In the summer time, cicadas basically become an omnipresent insect force in Japan, and it's not uncommon to see them crawling along your window.

While many on Twitter admired Chii's "stuck" pose, they also urged forgiveness for the cat and proclaimed her innocence as she just couldn't help but pursue the cicada on the other end. Given how cute Chii is, taa_chii_chan probably won't mind footing the bill for a new panel...but maybe will start keeping the doors open in the summertime.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.